Tame your Business Cash Management Problems


FourC - Cash Point Of Sale

  • Accepts Customer's Cash Payment
  • Returns Customer's Change
  • Stores Cash Securely
  • Employees don't touch the cash
  • No more balancing the till
  • No Shrinkage, No Errors

Retail Cash Management and Ordering Automation

Retail, Restaurant and Self Service Automation

Restaurants and Retailers can use our Kiosk Solution to  automate the order taking and cash payment process, increasing the time your employees have to care for your customers.

Employee never touches the cash

Less shrinkage 

More sanitary environment



  • Cash goes from your Customer to FourC machine
  • Change given directly to the customer
  • Your employee never touches the cash (no shrinkage)
  • Your employee can focus on customer service
  • Everything always balances, no more counting drawers
  • Cash is SECURED in a triple lock safe inside a locked cash box


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