Hygienic Cash Handling


Cash will always be here and Covid-19 is changing how it is handled

Your customers and employees need to be protected. Allowing a machine to handle 100% of a cash transaction mitigates risks and shows you care.

The machines accept bills and coins and return the change in bills and coins.

Your customer inserts bills and coins to pay for the transaction, the machine makes the change and returns it to the customer. Your cashier never touches the cash!!

No Touch Cash Management

All cash is comparmentalized and may be handled within removable locked  boxes. This allows you to set policy on how it is handled internally.

Point of Sale Till Replacement

Runs standalone or connected to your Point Of Sale System. Replaces the cashier's till. The cashier does not handle cash. This is hygienic and secure. It also elimintaes opening and closing cash drawers with the time spent counting.

Freestanding Ordering and Cash Acceptance Kiosks

You've seen kiosks that accept credit cards. These accept cash and return the change to the customer! Cashier? What cashier?

Freestanding Ordering and Cash and Credit Acceptance Kiosks

Need ordering with flexibility to handle cash and credit? The "2Buy" unit is for you.